A brief introduction to Web Development, SEO and E-commerce


SEO which is search engine optimization is the process in which the quality of a website is well visible for users to know easily when they search the internet. It’s kind of a system in which traffic is increased on a website by the quality of its content.

You would observe that a lot of persons want to build their SEO with all haste, the reason is that;

a.    They want to increase the quantity of traffic for their website

I’m sure you know what quantity of traffic means, it means, increasing the number of persons that click on your website page and find it interesting by commenting and showing other interest. This is what all bloggers want for their page as it would promote them in Google and boost their niche.


b.    They want to increase the quality of visitors

As we all know, not everyone that visits your web page does a meaningful thing that is beneficial. So, this is where SEO comes of good importance as good content would make more clients love and want to know more about your work.


How does SEO work?

In other to gain the benefits of SEO in your webpage, you need to do the needful and apply it in the right way. You would need to build the following content to get the search engine ranking you desire.

  1. Social media content
  2. E-books
  3. Articles and blog post
  4. Videos and other visual contents.

Building the content is not by far enough for a successful SEO campaign. The content will also have to be well-written, keyword-optimised, long enough to cover as many aspects as needed, but also it has to appeal to the user. No one would like to read some 600 word article filled with nonsense just because it is filled with keywords.

The days of those practices are gone now. Google and probably the rest of search engines now focus more on content than the rest of the factors.

There are a lot of factors that can affect the SEO ranking of your page. The following factors must be worked against to succeed on your website.

  1. On-page SEO, which includes; Internal links, Alt, title tags, meta description, title tags, and subheadings. You will need to work on those to improve your on-page content.
  2. Your content needs to be good for effective marketing.
  3. Your off-page content that includes the social platform, links and trusts worthy alliances.


Web development as the name implies is the development of a website to meet the standard or taste you desire it to be. It involves improving on either single page of your website or improving the kind of services you offer on all platforms, like the business and social platform.

We could also say that web development is the creation of good applications like e-commerce sites, Facebook and other social network sites. It is kind of similar to web sign, but it is different as it deals more with coding.

In cases like the development of a web, the web developers who have learned this skill are paid by professionals who want to work on their web pages.  The web development process involves two phases that must be worked on, there are;

a.    Server-side development

b.    Client-side development

The server-side development is all about what goes on behind the scenes of the web, that is, the creators and how they do their stuff At this phase, there are coding languages that should be known, so you can understand the technique.

  • PHP
  • JAVA
  • Perl

The client-side development is all about what the viewers or the visitors of the page see when they click on it. It includes the total view of the page’s content and designs. It operates with three codes, which are;

  •  HTML
  • CSS

For front-end developing there are many JavaScript libraries  as well such as:

  • ReactJS
  • AngularJS
  • VueJS

There all have their different functions, but I won’t be talking about them now. If you care to know more about them and how they operate, you can tackle each and one of them individually, now that you know what they are used for.


E-commerce can be said to be an online site or platform for the buying and selling of goods. It is a place where business transactions are done or carried out. It does not only include buying and selling. You can also carry out internet banking and other online ticketing social activities.

E-commerce has created platforms for businesses and other major activities to proper. In the year 2020, it had a record for several sales and visiting.  If you’re thinking of starting e-commerce, it is good. I would give you the following reasons below.


1.    Sales any time of the day- This is a major benefit of e-commerce, as you can carry out sales any time of the day without restrictions. As far you’ve but an online store, you won’t be restricted on when or time of sales.


2.    Reduced cost- There is reduced cost with the use of an e-commerce store as you wouldn’t have to pay for the cost of the warehouse or transportation of goods. That sounds nice, right?


3.    It’s a global market- This makes a whole lot of sense as you wouldn’t struggle or strive to drive traffic as it is a casual store. It’s global and the whole world can see the goods and services you’re offering for sale.


Seeing the benefits would mean you start the e-commerce business, you would need to do the below things.

1.    Choose a good, unique and popular demand product

2.    Research on the product

3.    Select the right and suitable store

4.    Know or decide on the best selling strategy to take.



Most of us would have heard of this e-commerce company. For reference purposes, Shopify is the best e-commerce business platform where you can grow your business and take it to the next level.

This platform offers you a means to market your product in different stores, social media, and other marketing sites.

How to start selling on Shopify

It’s an easy process as you don’t need to go through a lot before getting a store. All you need is to register and confirm your essential details and the kind of products you want to sell.

One great advantage of Shopify is that you can make your sales on other market sites and social media platforms. You can also engage in dropshipping if you’ve not known the product you feel you can sell.

Their currency is easy to use as it is global. Most importantly, you don’t need to ship items yourself, as the platform would provide a third party to so the shipping process.

You just got to know more about e-commerce and Shopify as it could be a turning or critical point in your business. Read more of our articles to find out more.

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