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In the light of Shopify`s latest updates to the admin panel and API`s in general, the only way to create and edit custom fields also known as metafields is through an app. Custom fields are extremely powerful tools for an online store. For example if you want to show extra information on your product page, or if you want to manipulate collections in a way that your built-in store can not handle and so on. The need arrised for one of our client`s store and so Metafield Editor app was created.
Simple Metafields Editor app is listed on Shopify app store. Click on the link below to go to the install page and get the app for yourself.
Simple Metafields Editor
The app does not collect any personal information about your store or customers, does not handle credentials and can not alter in any way your store.
Even after uninstalling the app, those custom fields you created, will remain available for use, and no leftover code will be left behind.
Thank you for choosing us!