Boost your sales this Black Friday with Metafield Editor

Boost your sales this Black Friday with Metafield Editor

Black Friday might be the most important event of the year when it comes for standard commerce and e-commerce, so why not make the most out of it.

Last year, on that one day alone, consumers collectively dropped $6.2 billion dollars on online stores!

It's important to be proactive during your Black Friday efforts and leverage all that action into holiday season sales. That means taking advantage of the high traffic to remarket, having promotions ready, and giving customers a reason to come back.

Everyone has appealing discounts, new products, all kinds of marketing strategies that they use just to increase that conversion rate and increase sales, so if your store is still not ready for this event it is indeed now time to "get your hands dirty" and start developing a good strategy.

Customers expect to see something different on your store than the rest of the year, besides better prices it is always good to make your whole store look a bit different using graphical content such as new banners, stickers etc. This is indeed a lot of work to do, but here is where our app may come in handy.

You do not have to manually add stickers to each product or to insert some images here and there, or try to display some text content in some areas. Simply upload your files in the files section and use our app to add those file url`s to the specific resource metafields. In your code add the liquid code to display those metafields if present and you are good to go. Your sticker or text or whatever info you want to display will show only where you want to, without much work.

Remember speed is of the essence. Always be ready before your competitors so when the time comes you will be the first to make more sales.

The advantages of using this method are

  • No messy code
  • No extra images for each product
  • Easy to implement
  • Easy to remove after the event is done

After Black Friday, to remove that extra content all you have to do is delete your metafields and your shop is back to standard ready for another campaign. But remember holiday season is coming and you will need these metafields once more.

These last two months will be grueling — but they’ll also be extremely profitable, if you play your cards right.

An example to add a sticker to some products only:

Select the product

Black Friday metafields editor

Add the metafield

Black Friday metafields

Add the code to display them where you want to be displayed:

{% if %}
    <div class="bf">
        <img src="{{ }}">
{% endif %}


Black Friday metafields

If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment or contact us. Thank you for reading.

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