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Show custom info in cart

As i have mentioned in an earlier post regarding adding a new image to the collection resource, so is the case in this scenario. Read here the first article on how to add metafields Use cases: A product or variant has a longer delivery time The delivery for that specific product may cost more Announce something when a customer adds that specific variant to the cart Pass notes to the cart or checkout Show an extra button or CTA when that item is added to cart Any simple task that would require a lot of if`s and elses in the code The situation is as follows: you may have some products or product variants that have very specific notes or...

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Add a second image to a collection.

Have you ever wanted to show more graphical content on your collection page? Sure, you can have a big banner on top or use the collection image anywhere else on the page, but what if you wanted to show multiple images on the same collection page. This is a perfect example of where Metafield Editor app is the perfect tool. The first step for doing this will be uploading images to Shopify`s files section (Settings>Files). Then, copy each file url and store them somewhere, or just open a new tab and go to Apps > Metafield Editor. This is assuming you already have installed the app, if not please install it before moving further. In case you did install Metafield...

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