Broken links checker

Use this tool to check the links status on your website. Type your website URL ("http(s):// and hit the check button. After the check is complete you will receive a pdf file containing all the links and their status codes.

A status code of 200 means the link is valid and ok. Status codes with 3XX (302, 301) represent redirects, so the links are still working.

Any link with 4xx or 5xx status codes are invalid and should be taken care of.


Why is this report helpful?

Understanding how your internal and external links behave on your own website determines the overall health status of your website by providing the best experience to your users.

Having "bad" links with 4XX (client error) or 5XX (server error) codes means that whenever a user clicks on them, they only get to a non-functional page and they will never visit this particular website again.

Also search engines index those links as well, showing them in the search results, only  to click on it and get to a 404 not fond page.

By using the above tool, you get an in-depth report of each link on your website, both internal and external, along with their corresponding status codes.

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* We do not store any information at all. The report is generated in real-time and sent as a downloadable resource to the requesting user. Each request will re-crawl the specified URL and provide fresh results each time