Reviewus - simple Shopify reviews app

For any shop owner and customers alike, trust is the most important factor when making a decision. As a customer that decision is the act of purchasing a product. Whenever one is in a position of looking for a product, the most important factor that helps take a decision are reviews and ratings. They tell the customer if the product is really as described, if it looks good or works as expected. Of course, as a shop owner, gathering those good ratings and reviews may be hard at first, but with the right tools working for you, this task will seem like a breeze.

Shopify stores, by default, do not have any ratings and reviews gathering tools built in. It is up to the shop owner to choose the best tool to work with from the app store. There are a lot of review apps,  each with their own  set  of features, cheap and expensive, easy to use or more complex, so each user can find what best suits one's needs.

Reviewus app is a simple app that  helps you gather reviews and build social trust. It is simple due to an accessible dashboard and easy to use features, so anyone can work with it easily without requiring any tech knowledge.

Some of the features Reviewus app offers:

  • Reviews widgets for the product page and product cards
  • Highly optimized, has 0 impact on store speed once installed
  • Photo reviews
  • Available in  multiple languages
  • Automatic emails for gathering reviews after each purchase
  • Structured data markup for the whole store
  • Super fast support
  • Easy  review moderation

The app is continuously updated and features are periodically added. For  a monthly price of just $7.99 it is also one of the cheapest options if not the cheapest review app with these features.

Find the app on the Shopify app store here.