Installation and Usage

Install and use Shopify Metafield Editor


To install the app, just visit the app listing page on Shopify app store by clicking here.

After installing the app you will find yourself in your shop`s admin. 

The usage part is also very simple. On the first page you will see all the resources available for editing custom fields.

Shopify Metafield Editor

After choosing one, let`s say products, the next page will list all of your store`s products.

Shopify Metafields Editor

Choose the desired product and on the final page you will see a form where you will type in the metafield and on the right side there will be a list of metafields (if any).

Shopify Metafields Editor
To choose another resource, simply go back from your browser, or click on the "back home" button on the bottom.
If you are having trouble installing or using the app, please do contact us.
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