Link Monitor Faq

How do broken links impact my SEO?

Remember the last time you clicked on a link only to get to a page that does not exist anymore? It was frustrating for sure, but imagine how others feel in the same situation whenever they want to visit your shop, but the link is not working anymore.

Broken links can appear for numerous reasons. A product was removed, a blog post was renamed or removed, or the entire blog, social media posts for old pages or campaigns, search results that link to old resources and so on. In all these cases the user will land on a non-working page, or 404 page as we like to call it.

The  simple solution is to create redirects from the old, broken link, to a new working one, so that anyone clicking on the link, will at least reach your homepage or product collections page, even if it is not exactly the thing he was looking for.

What can Link Monitor do for me?

Link Monitor will take control of all link related tasks. It will scan your website each day, find any broken link and automatically fix it. It will then send you a brief report.

It will scan all your outgoing links as well so you will know whenever you link to a non working outside page. 

As well as scanning, Link Monitor can "listen" whenever someone visits a 404 broken page on your shop. Even if there is no active link in the navigation or in the site content and the visitor came from an external source, you will get that link in the report.

By default and by using the free plan, all these actions will be manual, but it still is a great improvement in terms of time saved. You will not have to manually  look for any broken links and fix them one by one.

I cannot see any  "user-action" broken links

"User action" is our choice of words when describing a broken link accessed by  someone and not in the main link structure. 

If you are not seeing any of these in your report there may  be a couple of explanations.

You are not on the Advanced or the Pro plan.

You  are lucky and no-one visited a broken page.

The code snippet did not properly  insert itself on your theme.

Either way do not hesitate to contact us to take a closer look.

How do I fix external links?

Link Monitor will scan and provide analytics even for the external links ( Advanced plan and above), but because they are not actually part of your shop, the only way is to manually remove them once found.

In case you do need assistance for this matter please contact us.